Mission Statement
The mission of the Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence (C2E2) is to support the continued improvement of environmental performance in higher education through environmental professional networking, information exchange, the development of professional resources and tools, and the advancement of innovative regulatory models. Environmental performance includes campus regulatory compliance, environmental management, and sustainability initiatives.

Our mission is carried out through periodic meetings, active workgroups, and projects identified by the consortium's membership.
Boston College
Boston University
Carnegie Mellon University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
Keene State College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Northeastern University
Regis College
Seattle University
The Rockefeller University
Tufts University
University of Massachusetts - Boston

University of Massachusetts - Lowell
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
University of Vermont
Washington University in St. Louis
Wellesley College
Williams College
Yale University
Membership in the Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence is open to all colleges and universities in the United States.
The membership categories are as follows:
• Large Universities in New England
• Small Colleges in New England
• Colleges and Universities outside New England
$2500 annually
$1250 annually
$750 annually
Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence Officers of the Corporation
Suzanne Howard, Wellesley Collegey
Steve Brehio, Northeastern University
Zhanna Davidovitz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Executive Committee consists of three officers (President, Treasurer and Clerk/Secretary), and up to three other directors, all elected by the membership.
Peter Schneider, University of Massachusetts Boston
Steve Monstur, Boston University
Francis Churchill, University of Vermont
For further information about meetings and events, please email Suzanne Howard, Wellesley College
• Meeting times are typically 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and include lunch.
• Three or four meetings are held each year. Meetings are typically held at member institutions.
For more information about C2E2 or for comments/questions regarding the content of this website, please email Suzanne Howard, Wellesley College.
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