C2E2's Fourth EHS Technology Workshop
Announcing the C2E2’s
Fourth EHS Technology Workshop for Colleges and Universities.

Save the Date: Monday April 23rd, 2018, Amherst, Massachusetts!
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C2E2 Fall Meeting
On Thursday, November 16, 2017, C2E2 will be having it's Fall Meeting at Yale University's West Campus. It will be held from 10 am to 2 pm.

Our guest speaker will be Chris Rascher from EPA Region 1 to discuss the new General Duty Clause under the Clean Air Act 112(r)(1).

Yale's Refrigerant Manager will also be speaking on Yale's program.

More details to follow. Invite all those at your College/University who might be interested in hearing this program. If anyone has anything to share in regards to CAA regs, we encourage either bringing material or information for C2E2 members.

Please use this doodle link to sign up:
Agenda for November 16 17
C2E2's 20th Anniversary
Meeting at Wellesley College on Thursday July 28th, 2017 from 10am-2pm.
Additional Information (PDF)
New Douments added for Members of C2E2
Presentaions, Annual Reports, Meeting Minutes, etc.
Members Page
The next meeting will be hosted at The Rockefeller University on Friday, April 7th, 2017 from 8:30am – 2:30pm
at the CRC building, 5th Floor, room 506. This meeting will serve as a regular C2E2 business meeting and follow up discussion regarding the EPA workshop on the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Final Rule.
Additional Information (PDF)
EPA HQ will be present at Northeastern University on January 31, 2017, to discuss the new HazWaste Generator Rule and what it means for Colleges and Universities.

The US EPA recently issued the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Final Rule incorporating over 60 changes to the hazardous waste generator regulatory program. These changes affect practically every component of the Generator program, and therefore may affect the way colleges and universities identify and manage the hazardous waste they generate.
The US EPA will be at Northeastern University on January 31, 2017 to provide training to colleges and universities on this rule.

To sign up, please log onto:

The meeting starts at 9 am and will last until 3 pm.

Please note, this event is intended for college and university participants. Individuals or organizations outside of colleges and universities should contact Suzanne Howard or Steve Brehio regarding the appropriateness of attending this event.

Additional Information (PDF)
On Thursday, October 13, from 10 am to 2:30 pm, Yale University will be hosting the next C2E2 meeting. It will be held off Yale's main campus, but easy to get to with plenty of free parking!

West Campus Conference Center Room 208. Street address is 100 West Campus Drive, Orange, CT.

Driving directions
Our next meeting will be held Wednesday April 27 from 10 am to 2 pm. It will be held at the Wellesley College Club, in the Council Library on the 2nd floor. Lunch will be served.

Here is a map and location of the College Club which is right on Rt. 16, the East Entry off of Washington Street in Wellesley. Free parking is available in the lot right next to the club or directly across Rt. 16 in an overflow lot.

Perhaps if it is a beautiful day those interested can golf after the meeting at the Wellesley course across the street (See Also, if anyone needs a place to stay, the College Club ( does have some guest rooms for overnight stays.

An agenda will be forthcoming. Thank you, Suzanne
Drone Safety On and Off Campus, Workshop at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, Massachusetts. Wednesday February 3rd 2016, 10 AM to 3 PM All attendees must sign up in advance. Feel free to invite your Risk Managers. PDF PDF
Finally, on January 6, 2016, the Board will be meeting at Wellesley College from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm to discuss goals and upcoming meetings/projects for 2016. All members are invited to attend this meeting. Please let me know by Tuesday Dec 29 if you will be able to attend so I can get a count for lunch.
On Dec 9 2015, at 3 pm we are going to have a conference call for all members to discuss the proposed EPA generator rules. Please review the rule and bring comments. The response letter is due to EPA by Dec 24. Other organizations (ACS, CSHEMA, etc.) are preparing letters and we are tracking this info as well. See below for call in info and links to pertinent websites.
The C2E2 is pleased to announce Suzanne Howard from Wellesley College as its new President for 2015. Other members of the Executive Committee are listed on the About page.
Alternative Approaches to Campus Wastewater Management
Workshop at University of Massachusetts – Boston
Thursday September 17th, 10 AM to 3 PM
Meeting at University of Massachusetts Boston and summer celebration. Technical Program: Alternatives to Wastewater Systems on Campus, September 2015 followed by Boston Harbor Cruise.
The Campus Consortium for Environmental Excellence (C2E2) is sponsoring a workshop on "Alternatives to Wastewater Systems on Campus." The workshop will be held in the new Integrated Sciences Complex (ISC) at UMass Boston in September 2015. (See this link for more on the ISC;). Participation in the Workshop will be limited to C2E2 members, prospective members and invited guests.

Following the Workshop as a summer celebration , C2E2 has arranged for a Boston Harbor Cruise for all participants and guests leaving from and returning to UMass Boston. (See the attached description of the cruise boat). For family or friends not participating in the Workshop, UMass Boston is adjacent to the JFK Presidential Library and the newly opened Edward M Kennedy Institute for the Study of the Senate.

Please RSVP to Mandy Webb, Woodard & Curran
CSHEMA Annual Conference Presentation, Washington DC
Environmental Inspection and Enforcement Trends
Peter Kelly-Joseph, Tufts University; Mary House, Woodard and Curran; Dan Winograd, Woodard and Curran
Meeting at Wellesley College, January 8, 2015. Technical program: stormwater management for EHS professionals. PDF
October 27-28, 2014, CSHEMA Regional Conference Presentations, Norwood, MA
Considerations in Construction & Renovation
Suzanne Howard, Wellesley College
Richard Wood, University of Massachusetts–Lowell
Environmental Inspections and Enforcement: Trends and Tips
Peter Schneider, University of Massachusetts–Boston
Meeting at University of Vermont. Technical Program: Environmental Health and Safety Role in Construction Projects, Whitepaper available in members only section, August 15, 2014 from 10:00AM - 4:00PM PDF
CSHEMA Annual Conference Presentation, Palm Springs, CA
Digging into Sustainability: Metrics that Matter (C2E2 EPA Workshop Findings)
Peter Kelly-Joseph, Tufts University; Peter Schneider, University of Massachusetts Boston
Meeting at Boston University. Technical Program: Wastewater Management Challenges at BSL 4 Facilities, May 1, 2014 from 10:00AM - 1:00PM PDF
The C2E2 is pleased to announce Peter Kelly-Joseph from Tufts University as its new President for 2014. Other members of the Executive Committee are listed on the About page.
The C2E2 membership holds three or four meetings each year. Upcoming meetings will be listed when scheduled.
C2E2 Sustainability Workshop - May 13, 2013 'Digging Deeper into Sustainability: Finding Measures that Matter', co-sponsored by Yale University and US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 1 at Yale West Campus Conference Center, 800 West Campus Drive, Orange, CT PDF
  The workshop included the following presentations:
  o "Beyond Green: Making Metrics and Sustainability Meaningful in the Laboratories" Cindy Klein-Banai, Associate Chancellor for Sustainability, Univerisity of Illinois at Chicago PDF
  o "Accelerating Progress in Energy and Green House Gas Reduction," Anthony Kosior, Director of Utilities and Engineering, Yale Facilities, and Julie Paquette, Director of Energy Manager, Yale Facilities PDF
  o "Metrics That Matter: Energy Efficiency in Laboratories" Steven Lanou, Deputy Director, Sustainability Program, MIT EHS Headquarters Office, and Pam Greenley, Associate Director, MIT EHS Office PDF
  o "EHS versus Sustainability—Bridges and Barriers" Ludmilla Pavlova, Senior Facilities Planner, Campus Planning, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and Ezra Small, Campus Sustainability Manager, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and Terri Wolejko, Assistant Director, Environmental and Hazardous Materials Management Services Director, University of Massachusetts, Amherst PDF
  o "Your Sustainability is Green" Cindy Klein-Banai, Associate Chancellor for Sustainability, University of Illinois at Chicago PDF
The C2E2 hosts workshops on important environmental topics. Upcoming workshops will be listed when scheduled.
The C2E2 has released its 2011 "Campus Water Recycling and Reuse" survey findings. 42% of campuses in survey are capturing and recycling rainwater. Only 12% of campuses are capturing and reusing graywater. PDF
The C2E2 hosted the 2011 EH&S Campus Technology Workshop on April 14, 2011 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Event presentations are now available. View Details

More than half of colleges/universities have a complete EMS in place (17%) or a partial EMS in place for selected campuses or programs (35%). The overwhelming EMS priority continues to be compliance, according the 2010 Benchmark Survey of the State of Environmental Management Systems at Colleges and Universities©. Press Release
The C2E2 has updated its survey on the impact of the economy on campus EH&S departments for 2010.
     Campus EHS Recession Impact Survey Results
     Survey Summary
2010 was another busy year for C2E2. Click here to download our annual year in review.
View a C2E2 presentation on campus financing strategies for carbon reduction Download as PDF File
The March 9th workshop on Chemical Hoods: Balancing Health/Safety and Energy Conservation was a success! View Details
For more information about C2E2 or for comments/questions regarding the content of this website, please email Suzanne Howard, Wellesley College.
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