Fume Hood Design Workshop
In fall 2014, C2E2, DCHAS, the New England Chapter of I2SL and CSHEMA partnered to organize a day long workshop on fume hood design issues.

The final report from this workshop is available in the members only section of the website.
The mission of the Campus Environmental Resource Center is to provide individuals and educational institutions with the knowledge and tools to maintain environmental regulatory compliance, improve management, and operate sustainably.

Campus ERC was created in 2009 from an original grant from the EPA with partners APPA, CSHEMA, and C2E2. It has continued with ongoing support from NACUBO for campuses to flourish. Please contact us if questions or comments -
2014 environmental inspection and enforcement survey
The 2014 environmental inspection and enforcement survey helps to identify the current level of environmental inspection and enforcement activity at colleges and universities. The survey is designed to measure how environmental regulatory agencies at the federal, state and local levels are interacting with higher education. The survey was completed by 48 colleges and universities. PDF
EHS roles and responsibilities in construction and renovation projects
C2E2 held a day-long technical program and quarterly meeting at the University of Vermont in August 2014. The topic was best practices for managing Environmental Health & Safety roles and responsibilities in construction and renovation projects. A C2E2 Whitepaper was developed after the meeting which identifies the key phases of the design and construction process and shares ideas on EH&S issues/concerns for each phase sets out below the ideas and issues raised and discussed during the afternoon session. The whitepaper is available in the members only section of the website. Go There Now
Emerging Trends for 2008
This new C2E2 booklet is intended to shed light on emerging trends and issues for campus Environmental, Health and Safety professionals. We hope the analysis presented is engaging and thought provoking, and provides useful tools for strategic planning, issue identification, staff development, and for building stronger relationships with key partners in pursuit of campus environmental goals. PDF
2006 Benchmark Survey of the State of Environmental Management Systems
Two-thirds of colleges and universities are developing or have an interest indeveloping an Environmental Management System (EMS), yet EMS activities are still in their infancy. That finding, and many others, can be found in this invaluable report

The 2006 Benchmark Survey of the State of Environmental Management Systems at Colleges and Universities© is the product of an on-line survey conducted by the C2E2 during April and May of 2006. More than 250 individuals at 206 colleges and universities completed the survey.
Improving Environmental Performance
The new Improving Environmental Performance area of the website, featuring the new Planning for Environmental Performance Poster also features links to more resources, upcoming events and tracking tools. Available now at View Poster
Measuring Environmental Performance
Colleges and universities are welcome to download these files to print copies of the Poster. If a college or university wishes to copy and distribute significant quantities (>25) of the poster, we request that you seek permission from the C2E2 to print this copyrighted poster, and provide us with information regarding total quantity printed. View Poster
For more information about C2E2 or for comments/questions regarding the content of this website, please email Suzanne Howard, Wellesley College.
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